Our olive oil


QUIXOTE olive oil is created to satisfy the great demand of healthy products from organic agriculture. The great amount of additives that the food we currently consume contains turns the organic natural products into a gift to our mouth and health. QUIXOTE olive oil is born in the heart of La Mancha, land of the ingenious gentleman Don Quixote, and it is made with the most representative olive variety in the region, cornicabra, which are picked in the perfect ripening stage. However, in the attempt to extend our offer, we have also added a line of multivarietal oils which includes arbequina. The blend of arbequina and cornicabra results in unequealled mildness and sweetness.

Due to the fact that QUIXOTE olive oil is an artisanal product, its production is very limited, which means it is an exclusive gift. The strictest regulations about organic farming were fully observed while producing this liquid gold. QUIXOTE olive oil has a sweet fruity flavour with a delicious hint of biterness in the finish in the case of the cornicabra, and intense mildness in the case of multivarietal olive oil provided by arbequina olives. Both choices are great options for your meals and salads and will stay in your mouth for minutes of healthy real pleasure. It looks dense and has beautiful greenish-yellow tonalities. All these features will be the finishing touch in all your meals.