Aceites Semper Ltd., is the company in charge of the production and distribution of QUIXOTE olive oil. With a large experience in this field, Aceites Semper Ltd., is focused on the production, bottling and distribution of extra virgin olive oil itself and 100% natural organic products made of olive oil. All our products have been crafted strictly observing the regulations of organic farming. Both our soaps and olive oil are crafted from cornicabra olives, picked with the ideal ripening degree and organically produced in centre Spain Castile- La Mancha. Even the essences we use to make our soaps are natural (coming soon).

Organic agriculture uses natural resources and growing methods to avoid or strictly limit the use of synthetic chemical substances or genetically modified organisms, including fertilizers and pesticides to fight pests (which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides). This way we obtain organic healthy nutritious and chemical-additive-free food, while we keep the soil fertility and respect the environment in a balanced and sustainable way. We are fully aware of the impacts that our current society and lifestyle have on the environment and that is why we are committed to soften it as much as possible by means of our organic production.